2013 Fall Trends

I’m so excited for this falls trends. Here are a few of my favorite trends that ill be sure to rock this fall.
1. Slouchy beanies can spice up any bad hair day that your having.
2. Over the knee boots are super cute and fun for the fall
3. Turtle necks are back! They’re a great piece to wear when its cold.
4. Slouchy pants are the perfect way to look cute when you don’t want to wear tight pants.






Goodbye For Now

Hey guys, I want to thank you so much for following my blog and being apart of my journey as I learned the world of blogging. Sadly I will have to say goodbye to my blog for a while. I plan on maybe posting once a month, but I thought I owed it to you my loyal followers, to tell you that I wont be posting as frequently.

Easy Summer Makeup!


With the summer heat coming,we need a way to keep our makeup on all day. Here are a few of my summer tips to make sure that your makeup doesn’t sweat off your face.

1. Wear a primer; a primer will set your foundation and make it last all day

2. Wear a tinted moisturizer; a tinted moisturizer will still give you some what good coverage and a good amount of spf.

3. Use a setting powder; apply it to your t-zone to make sure that you don’t get oily there throughout the day. This will also make your makeup last all day. You can even get powder with an spf!

4. Oil blotting sheets; the powder will do a pretty good job of keeping the shine to a minimum but if you find yourself getting oily in the t-zone, just blot your face will these sheets. It will do the job.

5.Cream eyeshadow; cream eyeshadow will help prevent the shadow creasing and sweating of your eyes and down your face.

6. Cream blushes; cream blushes will last longer than powder blushes. you can get great pigment out of cream blushes as well.

7. Lip stains; lip stains will stain your lips unlike lipstick, and stay on your lips all day long.

I hope you enjoyed my tips to keep you’re makeup lasting all day long! Have a great summer,and enjoy. Happy shopping!

The perfect everyday outfit!

The perfect everyday outfit!

Here is a perfect spring/summer outfit. You can wear it on a date, to the beach, or to work. The teal colors will look fab against your tan summer skin. You can easily dress this outfit up for the night by throwing on a pair of wedges, and a sleek looking bag. Or you can dress it down by throwing on a tank top. Hope you have a great sumer! Happy shopping!



Here’s a link to two of my current blog posts. One talks about the trend of jumpsuits, and how jumpsuits may be more desirable to wear than dresses in the spring. The second link describes how great statement necklaces are, and how much they can add to your outfit. Shout-out the the blogs who posted these blogs. Check out there blogs after reading their posts! 🙂



What are the Spring fashion trends?


I know we’ve all been wondering whats in this spring in terms of fashion. Everyone wants to be up to date on the newest styles and trends. My favorite trend is bright colors! My wardrobe has pretty plain colored shirts, and pants and thats why I love bright accessories and shoes. They can instantly make your outfit look so much cuter. Bright shoes, skirts, jewelry, bags…..you name it. If you’re in school you can go buy a bright backpack or a pair of bright flats. look at the pictures above for some inspiration for the spring! Happy Shoping

How to get ready in under 10 minutes!


we’ve all had those hectic mornings where were rushed to get ready in 10 minutes. I know it can be very stressful, so here are some tips to help you achieve getting ready in under 10 minutes.

  1. throw your hair up into a messy bun- messy buns are meant to be messy, so you don’t have to take a lot of time making them perfect. 
  2. put on a bold lip- wearing a bright pink or red lip can instantly make you look more done up without taking a lot of time.
  3. wear a dress- you wont have to worry about two separate pieces ( a shirt, and shorts).
  4. sandals- sandals are quick and easy to slip on, and look very cute with dresses!

I hope i helped prepare you for the next time your crunched for time while getting ready!